Who Benefits from Ghostwriting Services

Ghostwriting is the creation of written content for people who have great wisdom, insight or ideas but get wildly stuck on the actual process of writing.

Whether it’s blog content, website bios, dating profiles, articles, e-books or book projects, written expression allows you to share your unique message or story in another format and platform.

It works well (though not exclusively) for people who tend to process and express verbally. If you’re someone who can talk for 20 minutes or more without much of an outline, chances are you have significant expertise or perspective on that subject.

Writing is another way to express that expertise or perspective and ghostwriting allows you to share your message with an even wider audience.

Many people have passion and can express themselves effortlessly in conversation and by speaking, but the thought of delivering that same wisdom in writing feels daunting and overwhelming.

Ghostwriting allows you to express your message with a wider audience, without you have to actually write the content and while still honoring your authentic voice.

Personally I’m passionate about sharing my own experience through and beyond divorce. Now joyfully divorced, I continue to write from my own life experience.

This blog is my personal creative expression and where I go to express what feels right, true and meaningful to me at any given time.

One piece of advice I found helpful when I was strongly resisting sharing my own story and insight is “Your life experience IS your credibility”. Who am I to speak, write or share any of this? Oh, that’s right. The simple fact that I lived and navigated it is my permission and invitation to share it.