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Finance Podcast Episodes

At least once a week I have absolutely brilliant conversations in collaboration on podcast episodes. Al and I just recorded another episode today, right after another episode aired yesterday.

It is so damn fun to listen to episodes once they air. I just show up and talk, in genuine conversation with podcast partners. I believe it comes through that these are all very real and authentic conversations.

This collaborative partnership showed up very unexpectedly almost a year ago and from the beginning, I had no expectations or attachment to outcomes. Which I think strengthens the bond that we have with one another.

Check out some of our recent conversations at: Confessions of a Financial Advisor Podcast

Al and I can talk with each other for hours at a time and these episodes are a glimpse into conversations we’ve been having for as long as we’ve been collaborating. In our off-air chat today we both noted that it feels as though we’ve known each other much longer than a year.

It was around this time last year that some unexpected endings in my life brought about conversations with men everywhere I go. I joked that last spring was the season of my meeting married men; that trend has only grown stronger in the past year.

When Al and I first met in person, he laughed when I shared my background of psychology. Put two psych majors together in conversation and watch the sparks fly; we go deep and go deep fast.

Especially now, I very much value our conversations and connection. We certainly touch on finance, but we also very much dig into the psychology and emotional aspects to behavior.

These podcast episodes are a window into the conversations we’ve been having since the very beginning. Our off-air talks include more cursing than our on-air ones do and they’re always healing for both of us. I so appreciate this connection and the value it brings to my life.

About a year ago, some previous relationships ended quite unexpectedly. At the time I couldn’t see it, but those endings opened floodgates of doors to new connections and relationships in all areas of my life. For that, I am immensely grateful.

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Enchanting Conversations

My favorite conversations without question, are those that involve depth and meaningful communication. While for years I have (and still do) engage that way with my women friends, it’s recently become quite common for me to also have enchanting conversations with men. The recognition of this has stunned me in unexpected ways.

Not just in the realm of dating, although that arena is certainly still providing me with new evidence that there really are men with whom I genuinely enjoy talking and engaging. In a myriad of other connections, I’m having brilliantly enchanting conversations with truly fascinating men on a very regular basis.

In one instance, a professional connection threw out the idea of us doing a podcast together. His exact words were along the lines of “let’s cut to the chase and do a podcast” to which my immediate response was oh, hell YES. Let’s go!

It’s been so unpredictably enchanting to communicate with him, and realize a level of depth and shared perspective I never would have imagined. We share similar backgrounds in psychology and relate to being “informal therapists” in many aspects of our professional lives. It’s refreshing and so meaningful to talk about a wide variety of topics with one another.

In the way that writers share an unspoken understanding, so do those of us well versed in the language and perspective of psychology or therapy. He also very gently asked about what was behind a very raw and vulnerable post I shared on Instagram a while back.

We had a really beautiful conversation, navigating topics including trauma, grief and chosen responses. As well as larger concepts of the different outlooks men and women have while navigating life. He quite accurately noted a visible lack of such conversations not with women or men, but with women AND men talking openly with one another about such things.

At one point this Spring I joked that I’m just adding married, divorced and single men into all areas of my life. But it’s true. From random conversations in elevators, at professional and social events, everywhere I turn there are engaged and intriguing men showing up. It’s both fascinating and inspiring.

I’ve been very aware of the need to not just find my voice, but also to raise it for a while now. Turns out there are more men than I ever imagined who are also willing to show up and embrace meaningful conversations. Ones that may not always be easy, but that always include depth and substance.

One of my strongest and most clear indicators of whether to allow any connection closer to me is: are you willing be vulnerable? As well as whether or not you’re willing to be open enough to consider alternate perspectives and experiences.

The very best of these enchanting conversations are ones that challenge me. They challenge me to question what’s underneath my particular responses and, maybe more importantly, what’s underneath my more immediate reactions.  Conversations and communication that invite me to dig deeper and uncover awareness or understanding previously hidden.

I have NO idea what is unfolding, where any of it will lead, or what the reason is for any of it having shown up. All I know is that I continue to be surrounded by, and a contributor to, absolutely enchanting conversations with women AND with men. Inviting and expressing more of that? Hell, yes. Because enchantment is just so damn fun.

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