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Anger as Fuel

I just watched an Instagram video by Glennon Doyle, and she talked about how common and pervasive it is, for women in particular, to experience shame about feeling anger. And how that is total bs we’ve been taught in order to keep us marginalized and “tame.”

Side note: her latest book, Untamed, was just released and it is exceptional. Go buy it, or if you’re like me, order it online and have it delivered.

Anyway, on her video, she pointed out that anger is a normal emotion in response not to something internally wrong, but in response to something truly wrong outside of us. Hmmm. What a fascinating shift in perspective.

I stopped watching The Handmaid’s Tale a while ago because it was bringing out a lot of anger in me. I don’t watch television to have rage incited, please just tell me a story, and thank you Outlander for doing just that.

After shifting the perspective on women and anger, Glennon pointed out that we can choose to use our anger as fuel, which allows it to burn up and propel movement forward. Using our anger as fuel releases it, and at the same time frees us from constantly trying to avoid, deny, or minimize it.

Isn’t that fascinating? It reminds me of a recent book Good and Mad: The Revoluntionary Power of Women’s Anger by Rebecca Traister which discusses the importance of women’s anger when it relates to social change. Many women that I know personally are looking around at our world, and we are so fucking angry at what we see.

By the way, I do want to point out that I also know quite a few men who are equally horrified and angry at the current state of our world. I have really intriguing conversations with men about this topic of anger.

Women in the world right now are angry, fed up, and just exhausted. Things cannot continue to just go on like this. The idea of using the anger we feel as fuel feels really good to me. Viewing it not as a reflection of our worthiness, but a reflection that we’re awake and paying attention to the world around us.

So many women that I know are done playing by the same old rules; we’re ready to write our own rule book. And it’s about damn time we did.

All right, this post was all over the place. But I’ve been alone all day playing with words, so this is all I’ve got right now. Thankfully, conversation with friends is on the calendar for later today. Words and I can only do so much alone; collaborative conversation is important too.

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Mining for Diamonds in the Darkness of Life Experiences

This year began with my writing about diamonds and mining for wisdom within life experience. It’s no coincidence that it is ending with a conversation about the same topic airing as one of my most recent podcast appearances.

Disrupt Now Program Episode 47: Mining for Diamonds is a personal favorite and very much what it’s like to have a conversation with me. It’s totally a recorded version of the conversations Natalie and I have with each other all the time.

This has been quite a year. And while there are definitely moments I would not want to go back and live again, there has been an immense amount of wisdom gained…much of it very unexpected.

While falling even more deeply in love with both writing and ghostwriting, I’ve realized I am passionate about ghostwriting with men. Turns out, there are not just great men in the world, there are men with meaningful stories and life experiences to share.

Men aren’t who I would have thought are an ideal client of mine, and although the realization arrived in some unexpected pathways, it is undeniable. I’ve always worked well with men and even within real estate transactions, I tend to get along easily with men in a cooperative broker or client capacity.

While ghostwriting for any client, it is inevitable that topics of grief, trauma, and healing will arise. The awareness that I’m not just willing but very skilled in navigating such topics is another gift uncovered this year.

These are conversations I’ve been having for what seems like forever, but the frequency and intensity of them has been amplified throughout this year. It is so very true; everyone has a story. And there is healing, connection, and so much courage in the sharing of those stories. For women, and for men too.

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Enchanting Doorways to Passion

Synchronicity is always around me to some degree. But there are certain times when the intensity amplifies significantly and November seems to be a consistent peak.

Every. Damn. Year. November arrives and there’s an undeniable invitation to transform. Ending all types of partnerships and beginning brand new partnerships, businesses, creative endeavors has been a consistent theme. This year it started in early September but I’ve just been going with it.

My second book started unfolding just over a year ago and the theme has been: enchanting. Lately it’s felt as though that book has been wrapping itself up. It has certainly been an enchanting year full of magical experiences. Also a year of trauma, grief and healing; I have plenty of content with which to write that second book.

This time of year brings so much synchronicity that is always undeniable. The recent theme has been an evolution bridging enchantment and passion; enchanting doorways into new passionate endeavors.

There is no such thing as coincidence, and recent conversations have been highlighting new creative opportunities that are heartfelt and full of uplifting possibility and potential.

It has been a damn year. There have been losses I didn’t anticipate, pain I didn’t see coming, and unexpected endings. There has also been brilliance, connection, and inspiration, not to mention exquisite conversations. New beginnings, possibility, and potential beyond what I have words to describe.

It has certainly been a year of enchanting experiences, and those have opened doorways to passionate new beginnings. The only thing that’s ever been holding me back has been: me.

This time last year I was accepting the fact that I am a writer. Without knowing any details, I was willing to embrace that. Without question, the very best decisions I’ve made this past year have included a willingness to disregard logic and follow my heart. Including several responses of “fuck yes” to invitations and opportunities.

It seems that even more expansive and passionate creative endeavors are available for me to explore. And really, I just love that I’m able to not just recognize them but also follow them wherever they may lead me.

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The content of this blog is the original content of Diane McDermott, Between the Lines LLC Ghostwriting Services, founded in heartfelt alignment, connection and creative expression