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Back when I started dating, it seemed like every other man who contacted me had the same first name as my ex. While at first, I forced myself to stay open to possibility, I later realized that I really just don’t like that name.

More recently, the last man I was texting had a name that I just don’t like. Which was yet another reason I wasn’t sorry to see him go. I just have certain names that I don’t like, for very personal reasons. While I can work professionally with clients who have such names, when it comes to my personal life…I can’t get past it.

While married, I kept my name the same; which was one less thing to update once becoming divorced. I like my name and never saw a reason to change it.

It seems like such a superficial thing to get hung up on, but it’s one of my personal criteria when it comes to considering relationships. I have to like your name. At the same time that I have names I personally dislike, there are also names that have positive associations.

Some of the names I like have surprised me. One in particular at first made me pause, and then I realized that I do actually like it. In fact, talking with a friend who has a brother with the same name, I hadn’t realized how common it is.

All of which is fascinating to witness. So while there are definitely names that will push me to disconnect, there are also names that are attractive to me. The details of which will always only be known to me.

I do not want to date anyone with the same name as my ex, but the list of possibilities continues to expand. And I like that. As with much of my writing which unfolds in very cryptic fashion; whether you think I’m writing about you or not…you’re probably right.

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