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The Conversational Nature of Writing

One of the most beautiful discoveries of the past year has been the truly conversational and collaborative nature of writing. I had no idea so much conversation was involved in what at times is a very solitary activity. It’s a realization I am very grateful for having encountered.

When it comes to ghostwriting for people, it’s happened enough times now that I can acknowledge it as a personal truth: writing is both solitary and conversational.

In some cases, I can ghostwrite strictly from raw written material. But in my favorite partnerships, conversation is an integral part of the process for me. I need (and want) to be able to talk through what I’m getting and dig deeper into what the person is really trying to communicate.

It turns out that while writing is at times very solitary, I personally most enjoy the collaborations that very much involve conversation with the author. The conversational piece allows me to get deeper into the message and really helps when I go back on my own to play with words.

Realizing how significant conversation is in the writing process was unexpected. So was the awareness that I really enjoy writing with men. If you’d told me a year ago that either would become true, I would not have believed it.

Right now, the only thing keeping me close to sane are my phone and video conversations. I took two walks around the neighborhood today just to get out of the house. I cannot imagine how extroverts or people with children are coping right now. I’m not sure if neighbors have started medicating their exceedingly loud children…but thankfully they’ve been more subdued today.

It’s true that even experiencing trauma can’t shut me up and I continue to have the most intriguing conversations with so many people in my life. This awareness may have been unexpected, but it now makes a lot of sense. Even with my own writing, it involves conversation on a variety of levels and I enjoy that.

A lot can change in a year, and as traumatic and awful as 2019 was; this awareness of the conversational dimension of writing is one of the biggest gifts that it brought.

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The Joy of Creative Collaboration

I’m involved in a wide variety of creative projects right now. Some are personal projects, others are helping clients share their wisdom and stories, others are so random and involve people I’ve never met other than online.

In each and every one of those projects and relationships, there is such immense joy and creativity, it is absolutely stunning to witness and experience. Alignment and levels of synchronicity beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. It makes my synchronistic experiences last Fall look like child’s play.

Whether I’m the writer or the ghostwriter, each one of these projects is just so damn FUN and a powerfully creative endeavor. In most cases, these are people and connections that I didn’t know even a few months ago. They arrived and showed up in so many completely unexpected ways, but all have been undeniable.

I’m now actively in the editing process of my first book, and the editor I’m working with arrived through a mutual close friend. In one conversation, I knew that I had zero interest in talking with any of the other editor contacts I’d received. Historically, I’m not one to jump into such a commitment nearly immediately. Clearly, times have changed. Or maybe it’s more that I’ve changed.

Because these types of creative collaboration relationships keep showing up. And they’re offering me the experience and awareness that while writing can be (and often is) a very solitary activity, it can also be a creative partnership.

In opening up to possibility, new creative opportunities are invited in. Sometimes with people I may never meet in person. One of my current projects was a result of responding to a request for writers willing to create content based on an assigned word. And the word I received is one that I can indeed take in a number of different directions. How fun, exciting and wildly detached from any specific outcome.

I’m not at all sure who this version of me is, all I know is that joyful experiences are everywhere. My favorite writing projects are with people who aren’t just open to me using my creativity, they welcome it. Because what ends up being created is a blend of their voice with mine, and that type of writing feels so expansive.

Friends or acquaintances have asked why I’d want to ghostwrite and never get credit for it. And my answer is always that it’s not about the byline. My passion is about expressing the message. Might be weird, but I genuinely find it so very fun to see things I’ve ghostwritten. It’s so cool to witness them being shared and know that I was part of creating that.

Joyful creative collaborations are not just possible, they’re also incredibly meaningful. And I really do love being a part of them.

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I recognize stories everywhere. Not just in people, but in places, things and experiences, even in houses. Perhaps its my perspective as a writer and storyteller that naturally illuminates this awareness. Or maybe its my intuitive sense of seeing beneath the obvious and reading between the lines.

I’ve recently felt as though I’ve been time-traveling, while finding myself in places and with people I’ve previously known. Recognizing history while also writing new stories and experiences in these familiar settings.

Since late January of this year, I’ve owned two businesses (writing and real estate) and these days I’m actively working in both careers. Most days switching from one to the other, and sometimes back in any given day. Clearly, I’m much more adaptable than I ever thought.

Stories are the common thread that both careers share. Houses have stories just as people do, and it’s kind of funny to recognize how often I’ve encountered houses where divorce is part of the current or past story of a house.

With writing and ghostwriting, I’ve realized that stories are the essential element and indicator of whether a potential project and client is a good match for me. I’m learning to pass on the ones that aren’t, which of course, frees me to focus on the ones that are truly fun and fascinating to engage with.

Stories are everywhere if you only notice them. From my jewelry, to my writing, to my friends and connections. Stories are the common and yet often invisible thread that tie so much together. I’ve said for years that people just tend to “tell me shit” and the reality is that we all have stories yearning to be witnessed.

As an empath and intuitive, I’m highly discerning about whose stories I fully witness. The ones that include reciprocal witnessing are absolutely everything to me. Stories are powerful beyond what words can ever convey, and being seen…..it’s pure magic.

There’s an image on my current vision board that I was recently reminded of and it reads: “You have a new story to write, and it looks nothing like your past“.

Tell your story, speak your truth and, above all else, take ownership of writing your next chapter. The pen is indeed in your hand, regardless of whether it’s you or a ghostwriter doing the actual writing.

For me, it’s never about the byline and always about the message that’s meaningful. Speak, share, create and express. Regardless of the pathway.

One of the most beautiful gifts of this year has been connecting with so many other writers who simply “get” what it’s like. Whether we’ve embraced this path from the beginning, or experienced a “fuck, I’m a writer” moment. These new connections have brought refreshingly inspiring energy into my life.

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A Bit of History on Yet Another New Beginning

I’ve been a writer (and reader) for as long as I can remember. In elementary school I was in a gifted and talented program for reading and writing. My senior year in high school I received the English Department award for outstanding achievement.

I could easily have been an English major in college but Psychology was a natural fit and also involves quite a lot of writing. I have brilliantly deep conversations with my therapist friends. I love and savor those connections.

And yet, I’ve consistently denied my talent in writing and written expression. Storyteller and writer? Oh no, certainly not me.

Close friends have been sending me things to ghostwrite for YEARS and acquaintances who don’t know me well but read my work on my own blog or as a guest blogger note the inherent power of my writing.

A natural gift and talent of mine has been evident and confronting me for decades while I resisted and denied it. Until I recently chose to start giving in and embracing it. Allowing instead of resisting. Surrender and trust more than rationalizing all of the “what ifs”.

My personal life experience involves a journey into being joyfully divorced. Writing has been a huge part of that journey and what started as a list of gratitude noting “gifts of divorce” evolved into my sharing the insight, wisdom, ups, downs and vulnerable truth of my journey both in writing and in speaking.

The Maya Angelou quote “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you” is woven into the foundation of Between the Lines ghostwriting services. I know it to be true in my own life and the lives of others.

We MUST find a way to tell our stories. The honest and messy, the brilliant and brutal stories of our life experience. Because doing so invites and provides others with permission to embrace and share their own stories. Freedom, liberation, vulnerability in the seriously brave wilderness of our most authentic and messy human selves.

Writing is a natural gift of mine and one that I use not just for myself but in the interest of helping others share their unique insight, wisdom, ideas and life experience. Writing, listening and intuition are all interwoven in my personality.

Some have asked why I’d want to write without any credit as ghostwriting is in essence behind the scenes. My answer? It’s not about the byline, it’s about expressing the message. I’m passionate about that expression and know SO many experienced, brilliant, insightful, wise, hilarious and talented people with so much to share. Using my writing to participate in that expression feels more beautifully aligned and genuine than I can explain.

Stepping into ghostwriting and writing in general feels passionate, ecstatic, brilliant, aligned, true, genuine and so damn badass. Between the Lines, welcome to the world.

If you’re interested in some of my recent personal writing, check out my other blog at Charlotte’s Best Buyers Agent (my former identity). I only half joke that I keep killing off old versions of myself.

The former habitual minimizing me has shed yet another skin and my writer self just took a huge step forward. I am beyond proud of myself, equally exhilarated and terrified but even more alive than ever before.

Onward and upward. With heartfelt connection, creative expression and magical badassery. It’s about damn time.

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