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My Favorite Question

For a long time my favorite question to be asked is: What’s new? It’s a common question and I typically respond by asking how much time you have, how much information you want, and which area of my life you’d like to know about. Because for more than a year there continues to be a lot of new in all areas of my life.

Synchronicity and I are quite well acquainted and I never question it. It often happens that I think of someone and either run into them “randomly” or they call. Or I’ll send a text and get a reply that they were just thinking of me.

In recent conversations with friends there is so much new for all of us. Considering where each of us was a year or more ago, it’s rather astonishing to witness how much we’ve all changed. And continue to change.

There is new in pretty much all areas of my life. New that while in some ways is surprising, in other ways just feels like a natural progression. It is true that communication is a powerful word for me; I talk all the time. With people I know and with strangers…lots of familiar and lots of new.

The cell phone beside me is the fifth one I’ve owned in just over a year. It seems that while I’m communicating, I’m going through phones at a ridiculously fast rate. The superstitious side of me finally changed my lock screen photos in the hopes that maybe this latest phone will last a while. Because I’d seriously like to have one I can actually keep longer than a few months.

I’m a commitment person and all of this changing of phones every few months has gotten very old, very fast. I actually like this most recent version quite a lot so maybe it’ll let me keep it for a while. Adjusting notifications and logging back into apps every time is not fun.

It’s recently been so refreshing to be on the receiving end of invitations to connect and meet. For a long time, I was almost always the one giving the invitations (and still do) but sometimes it’s nice to be the one invited. Also nice to exercise the luxury of choosing when to say yes.

This year/decade has had an “interesting” start. I’m certainly not at all sad to see the end of the last one for more reasons than I could write. It was quite a year and quite a decade, both of which I would rather not ever experience again.

Asking “what’s new” is such a simple question, but at least with me, it opens the door to a lot of conversation. So I’m perfectly good with being asked it regularly.

I always find it interesting to hear the perspective of people who’ve known me for a long time and even relatively recent acquaintances have pointed out how much I’ve changed. The larger truth is that we’ve all changed. At the same time, it’s reassuring to have so many people in my life that remain as connections; regardless of whatever any one of us is experiencing.

I suppose it’s true that in life, the one constant is change. These days I’m much more comfortable than I’ve ever been with embracing that. Though really…I’d like to keep this current phone for a while.

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Letting Go of Excuses

In what seems to be the season of making large purchases, many are related to travel. I keep reminding myself that these are business expenses because they are…and I tend to forget that.

If change is truly the only constant, this new version of me is saying yes to things that are a bit surprising. Many of which involve travel to places I’ve never been before.

Since I’ve been single I have traveled, but it’s mainly been family related rather than inspired by what I want to do and where I want to go. That has certainly changed recently.

Instead of clinging to all of the excuses and reasons why I can’t go, lately it seems I’m choosing to say yes without questioning myself. Which has led to my name on plane tickets, hotel reservations, and the waiting list for a workshop I really want to attend.

Rather than holding myself back and staying in familiar routines, it seems I’m quite comfortable getting out of my own way and experiencing new places. Even when I’m traveling by myself.

I do love being at home, I work from home and it’s absolutely where I retreat when I need space apart from other people. But I also enjoy exploring new places. Letting go of excuses seems to be opening me up in unexpected ways, but I do like this version of myself.

She’s not at all fearless, but she’s much more bold and willing to trust her own sense of what feels right for her; and I love that.

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The content of this blog is the original content of Diane McDermott, Between the Lines LLC Ghostwriting Services, founded in heartfelt alignment, connection and creative expression

Enchanting Doorways to Passion

Synchronicity is always around me to some degree. But there are certain times when the intensity amplifies significantly and November seems to be a consistent peak.

Every. Damn. Year. November arrives and there’s an undeniable invitation to transform. Ending all types of partnerships and beginning brand new partnerships, businesses, creative endeavors has been a consistent theme. This year it started in early September but I’ve just been going with it.

My second book started unfolding just over a year ago and the theme has been: enchanting. Lately it’s felt as though that book has been wrapping itself up. It has certainly been an enchanting year full of magical experiences. Also a year of trauma, grief and healing; I have plenty of content with which to write that second book.

This time of year brings so much synchronicity that is always undeniable. The recent theme has been an evolution bridging enchantment and passion; enchanting doorways into new passionate endeavors.

There is no such thing as coincidence, and recent conversations have been highlighting new creative opportunities that are heartfelt and full of uplifting possibility and potential.

It has been a damn year. There have been losses I didn’t anticipate, pain I didn’t see coming, and unexpected endings. There has also been brilliance, connection, and inspiration, not to mention exquisite conversations. New beginnings, possibility, and potential beyond what I have words to describe.

It has certainly been a year of enchanting experiences, and those have opened doorways to passionate new beginnings. The only thing that’s ever been holding me back has been: me.

This time last year I was accepting the fact that I am a writer. Without knowing any details, I was willing to embrace that. Without question, the very best decisions I’ve made this past year have included a willingness to disregard logic and follow my heart. Including several responses of “fuck yes” to invitations and opportunities.

It seems that even more expansive and passionate creative endeavors are available for me to explore. And really, I just love that I’m able to not just recognize them but also follow them wherever they may lead me.

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The content of this blog is the original content of Diane McDermott, Between the Lines LLC Ghostwriting Services, founded in heartfelt alignment, connection and creative expression