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Finance Podcast Episodes

At least once a week I have absolutely brilliant conversations in collaboration on podcast episodes. Al and I just recorded another episode today, right after another episode aired yesterday.

It is so damn fun to listen to episodes once they air. I just show up and talk, in genuine conversation with podcast partners. I believe it comes through that these are all very real and authentic conversations.

This collaborative partnership showed up very unexpectedly almost a year ago and from the beginning, I had no expectations or attachment to outcomes. Which I think strengthens the bond that we have with one another.

Check out some of our recent conversations at: Confessions of a Financial Advisor Podcast

Al and I can talk with each other for hours at a time and these episodes are a glimpse into conversations we’ve been having for as long as we’ve been collaborating. In our off-air chat today we both noted that it feels as though we’ve known each other much longer than a year.

It was around this time last year that some unexpected endings in my life brought about conversations with men everywhere I go. I joked that last spring was the season of my meeting married men; that trend has only grown stronger in the past year.

When Al and I first met in person, he laughed when I shared my background of psychology. Put two psych majors together in conversation and watch the sparks fly; we go deep and go deep fast.

Especially now, I very much value our conversations and connection. We certainly touch on finance, but we also very much dig into the psychology and emotional aspects to behavior.

These podcast episodes are a window into the conversations we’ve been having since the very beginning. Our off-air talks include more cursing than our on-air ones do and they’re always healing for both of us. I so appreciate this connection and the value it brings to my life.

About a year ago, some previous relationships ended quite unexpectedly. At the time I couldn’t see it, but those endings opened floodgates of doors to new connections and relationships in all areas of my life. For that, I am immensely grateful.

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Willingness to Communicate

In a twist that was very unexpected, the issue that I previously wrote about with regard to the city of Charlotte and yard waste was resolved quite peacefully. Thanks in large part to the communication skills of some city employees.

While I was absolutely furious at receiving the “violation” letter, this story ends with me having quite pleasant phone calls with two men who are city employees. I would have been an excellent litigator and am always ready to show up for a debate; I can use words quite effectively. My ex used to tell customer service reps that they really “don’t want me to put my wife on the phone with you.”

Anyhow, during this morning’s conversations, it was helpful that they were both willing to acknowledge that there has been a lack of effective communication from the city. As well as the absurdity of the times we are living in right now.

There is a tremendous amount of collective anger in the air (that I can feel), and it would have been very easy for me to tap into it and channel it toward people. Instead, I chose to be willing to have a conversation. Granted, I have flipped people off in multiple parking lots lately…could you all seriously get the hell out of my way?

Both men that I spoke with this morning were great communicators and one ended up chatting with me for quite a while. Both also shared the sentiment that “we’re doing the best we can.” At which point I leaned against my car, sighing, and internally recognizing: we all are.

It also helped tremendously that each was willing to express that they were as surprised as I was to witness the deep lack of congruence in messages being shared by the city right now.

I could have chosen to channel fury and anger at these humans, who are simply showing up and doing their jobs to the best of their ability. Both of them being willing to admit to not knowing, and feeling uncertain how to navigate current circumstances…made them much easier to relate to.

It also helps that both told me to leave the damn yard waste at the curb; which was my plan all along. I didn’t spend the time and energy to get it there just to remove it.

Effective communication is something that not all people navigate easily, and with challenging conversations it gets even harder to embrace. I can very much appreciate the fact that both of these men were willing to show up and communicate with a clearly upset woman. Both also acknowledged understanding and appreciation of the fact that I was upset.

We always have a choice as to how we show up in the world. I absolutely have moments of anger, rage, and fury. I also have moments where I choose to let that fall away and simply connect with another person; I’m certainly more proud of the moments when I choose connection, but real life is messy and I don’t always make that choice.

In my real estate experience, communication is the number one issue I point to as a challenge. I’ve co-brokered with exceptional communicators…and those who are not so skilled. My favorites have always been those who know how to show up and talk. Communication is essential to so much of human connection, and even with writing, the aspect of communicating is non-negotiable.

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Soul Mates – My Personal Opinion

This is a topic that has come up in a lot of conversations recently, and as with so much, I have some thoughts about it.

I personally do not buy into the fairy tale concept that there is one “soul mate” out there, and once you find that person, life just becomes magical. As someone who is happily divorced, I can tell you….we don’t always get it right when choosing a partner. Relationships of any kind include ups and downs; they are not always easy.

The term “soul connections” feels much more accurate to me, and there is ample evidence of it in my own life. While I don’t think anyone’s doing much dating at the moment, I’m still happily single but open to considering a romantic relationship; says the pretty solidly unromantic woman.

However, there are quite a few people in my life that I would classify as soul connections. People with whom there is an undeniable and very strong attraction. Some of these are professional connections, some are both professional and personal, others are just personal.

For me, the most critical (and accurate) indication of a soul connection is communication and conversation. Every person that I’d classify as a soul connection is someone who has shown up and not just matched me in communication, but challenged and expanded our connection through conversation.

These are people who show up, and don’t just match me; they are willing to debate and share differing opinions. Each one is a significant factor in my own personal growth…and I love that.

I’ve learned a lot about my preferences when it comes to dating, and communication is one of my biggest complaints when it comes to the experience of dating. So many men are unable, or unwilling, to show up and have a conversation.

I have so much deep appreciation for the people in my life that are soul-level connections; I adore our conversations. With regard to dating, I have a lot of criteria but communication is one of the most meaningful. Though I won’t negotiate on height or several other factors.

If I ever choose to be in a relationship again, it will need to match this type of soul level connection. It would need to be someone willing to show up and not just engage in conversation with me, but one willing to challenge and debate; to make me consider different perspectives.

At this point, I just don’t care how few men may match all of my personal criteria for a partner. There is ample evidence in other areas of my life that such soul connections exist, and that they can arrive in my life in some of the most unexpected ways.

So while I don’t believe in the idea of a single soul mate, I do very much believe that there are soul level connections available; it is always our choice whether to embrace and recognize them when they arrive. It also does not mean that they remain in our lives forever, and sometimes that’s an even more challenging awareness to embrace.

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Communication Outlets

It is fascinating to watch the writers whose work I admire and appreciate share on social media right now. Good luck getting a writer to stop talking. By social media, I mean Instagram, as it’s the only place I still have a presence.

So many of the writers that I follow are turning to podcasting in order to communicate. Seriously, we just can’t shut up. A little more than a year later, it remains true that even a broken jaw couldn’t shut me up; and I’m still talking all the time.

Granted, I’m an exceptional listener just as much as I’m a writer and speaker. Communication is a word that follows me everywhere; I read between the lines of both verbal and non-verbal communication.

I adore being a part of creating podcast episodes and listen to ones I’ve been a part of, while also consuming the content of others. I am currently devouring the podcasts that other writers are creating. From Brené Brown to Cheryl Strayed, there are brilliant writers creating new content right now in the form of podcasts.

As much as I listen intently and communicate myself, there does come a point each day when I’m done speaking and need more silence. Usually it arrives in mid-afternoon once I’ve been awake and communicating for most of the day.

Those of us who are writers naturally just show up and talk. Some of my favorite relationships are with other writers; there’s an element of mutual understanding that’s impossible to manufacture.

Both of the crystal pendants around my neck are related to communication. I know sort of what they each mean but have had several friends much more versed in crystal meaning comment on how perfectly they blend and complement one another. They’re opalite and blue sodalite, and they match my actual and chosen birthstones; diamond and sapphire. They are also very yin/yang in appearance; integration is as much a theme as communication.

The first “communication” crystal arrived just after my birthday at the end of last April. The very next morning brought some unexpected (and unpleasant) communication. Which led to some decisions I hadn’t anticipated. Yet at the same time, that communication opened doors that I didn’t even know existed. Doors that I’ve trusted myself to choose to walk through.

Communication isn’t optional within relationships; it’s essential. That’s part of why I no longer have a dating profile: many men are unwilling to engage in mutual conversation. I had one blatantly ignore the fact that I shared how meaningful communication is to me; we never met, despite his insistence on going out for a drink.

I talk with people literally everywhere I go and it’s very true that people just tell me some very personal stories. Writers must talk and communicate. We do it with words and in conversation with others. We have a deep need to speak as well as to listen. We are always reading between the lines of what is and is not said. Combine being a writer with being an empath and I’m really fun to date.

One of the men I slept with after divorcing refused to engage with me in conversation. It didn’t take long for me to get bored and if I were to describe him: he wasn’t that cute, definitely wasn’t that tall, and the sex wasn’t that good. Date a writer…end up as material.

Communication could qualify as a core value of mine. Engage and debate with me; make me consider different opinions. I have fascinating conversations both with people in my life and with strangers all the time; the life of a writer intrinsically involves communication in a variety of forms. I’m more fully willing to admit and embrace that than ever before.

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The Conversational Nature of Writing

One of the most beautiful discoveries of the past year has been the truly conversational and collaborative nature of writing. I had no idea so much conversation was involved in what at times is a very solitary activity. It’s a realization I am very grateful for having encountered.

When it comes to ghostwriting for people, it’s happened enough times now that I can acknowledge it as a personal truth: writing is both solitary and conversational.

In some cases, I can ghostwrite strictly from raw written material. But in my favorite partnerships, conversation is an integral part of the process for me. I need (and want) to be able to talk through what I’m getting and dig deeper into what the person is really trying to communicate.

It turns out that while writing is at times very solitary, I personally most enjoy the collaborations that very much involve conversation with the author. The conversational piece allows me to get deeper into the message and really helps when I go back on my own to play with words.

Realizing how significant conversation is in the writing process was unexpected. So was the awareness that I really enjoy writing with men. If you’d told me a year ago that either would become true, I would not have believed it.

Right now, the only thing keeping me close to sane are my phone and video conversations. I took two walks around the neighborhood today just to get out of the house. I cannot imagine how extroverts or people with children are coping right now. I’m not sure if neighbors have started medicating their exceedingly loud children…but thankfully they’ve been more subdued today.

It’s true that even experiencing trauma can’t shut me up and I continue to have the most intriguing conversations with so many people in my life. This awareness may have been unexpected, but it now makes a lot of sense. Even with my own writing, it involves conversation on a variety of levels and I enjoy that.

A lot can change in a year, and as traumatic and awful as 2019 was; this awareness of the conversational dimension of writing is one of the biggest gifts that it brought.

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My Favorite Question

For a long time my favorite question to be asked is: What’s new? It’s a common question and I typically respond by asking how much time you have, how much information you want, and which area of my life you’d like to know about. Because for more than a year there continues to be a lot of new in all areas of my life.

Synchronicity and I are quite well acquainted and I never question it. It often happens that I think of someone and either run into them “randomly” or they call. Or I’ll send a text and get a reply that they were just thinking of me.

In recent conversations with friends there is so much new for all of us. Considering where each of us was a year or more ago, it’s rather astonishing to witness how much we’ve all changed. And continue to change.

There is new in pretty much all areas of my life. New that while in some ways is surprising, in other ways just feels like a natural progression. It is true that communication is a powerful word for me; I talk all the time. With people I know and with strangers…lots of familiar and lots of new.

The cell phone beside me is the fifth one I’ve owned in just over a year. It seems that while I’m communicating, I’m going through phones at a ridiculously fast rate. The superstitious side of me finally changed my lock screen photos in the hopes that maybe this latest phone will last a while. Because I’d seriously like to have one I can actually keep longer than a few months.

I’m a commitment person and all of this changing of phones every few months has gotten very old, very fast. I actually like this most recent version quite a lot so maybe it’ll let me keep it for a while. Adjusting notifications and logging back into apps every time is not fun.

It’s recently been so refreshing to be on the receiving end of invitations to connect and meet. For a long time, I was almost always the one giving the invitations (and still do) but sometimes it’s nice to be the one invited. Also nice to exercise the luxury of choosing when to say yes.

This year/decade has had an “interesting” start. I’m certainly not at all sad to see the end of the last one for more reasons than I could write. It was quite a year and quite a decade, both of which I would rather not ever experience again.

Asking “what’s new” is such a simple question, but at least with me, it opens the door to a lot of conversation. So I’m perfectly good with being asked it regularly.

I always find it interesting to hear the perspective of people who’ve known me for a long time and even relatively recent acquaintances have pointed out how much I’ve changed. The larger truth is that we’ve all changed. At the same time, it’s reassuring to have so many people in my life that remain as connections; regardless of whatever any one of us is experiencing.

I suppose it’s true that in life, the one constant is change. These days I’m much more comfortable than I’ve ever been with embracing that. Though really…I’d like to keep this current phone for a while.

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The Absolute Worst Part of Dating

Having had some type of dating profile for nearly a year now, there is one aspect that to me is the absolute worst. And it’s not the rude, inappropriate, or downright stupid messages men send; I find those amusing. The worst part is the mind-numbingly boring communication.

Admittedly, I have impossibly high standards when it comes to conversation and communication. And I’ve talked with and dated several very intelligent men who were unwilling to engage with me intellectually. No matter how much physical attraction there may be, without the intellectual component I will quickly get bored and move on.

Communicating via a dating app or even text messages, is not the same as having a conversation with someone. Right now, there’s a message I haven’t responded to yet, from some guy wanting to meet me in person. After only a few messages back and forth.

The thing is, I don’t yet know if it’s worth meeting him in person. Because we haven’t had an actual conversation. And I’m not interested in meeting someone for the sake of meeting them. I can buy my own drinks and I have plenty of friends. If I don’t find you interesting enough in conversation, we really don’t need to meet.

I just don’t understand how unwilling so many men seem to be to having an actual conversation prior to meeting in person. In nearly a year, one man has asked if he could call me. One. I haven’t kept track of how many I’ve messaged, talked with or met, but one seems like a ridiculously low number willing to have a conversation by phone.

The superficial, meaningless, seriously boring communication saturating the experience of dating is enough to make me want to delete it all and just give up. At this point I do have a lot of clarity about what I want, and most messages don’t get a response from me.

If I do engage…I want to see some willingness to have an actual conversation before spending any time or energy meeting in person. And that conversation can’t happen through texting alone.

A fellow writer who doesn’t know me at all but had listened to some of my writing immediately described me as highly intellectual. That’s certainly true, and while there was a time when I was willing to keep an open mind and date without proof of intellectual engagement, that time has passed.

I guess it’s true that if you “date a writer, you’ll end up as material.” Even if you just message a writer through a dating app…you can still end up as material.

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The Unwillingness to Commit

I notice when topics repeatedly arise in conversation, and this one has surfaced in no less than three conversations within the past few days; the deep aversion that some people have to making a commitment.

While millennials don’t have an exclusive hold on this behavior, there is a higher prevalence of it within that generation. To be clear, I have certainly seen this behavior in people over forty. I also have close friends who, while chronologically millennials, don’t exhibit this tendency to avoid commitment.

Watching a recent situation unfold, I saw the red flags accumulating and knew an ending was imminent. I walked away from it wondering if this person will ever reach the realization that there is no perfect house. Even brand new construction isn’t perfect. A perfect house simply doesn’t exist, but a “perfect for you” house can and does.

There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship, a perfect friendship or a perfect piece of art. We all have flaws, scars, and insecurities. Committing to one another isn’t expecting those to disappear, it’s a choice to show up for one another anyway.

In my own life, I’m deeply committed to communication, and the level of brilliant conversation I experience on a daily basis is quite stunning. Listening to the Disrupt Now Program Podcast Episode 43: Sacred Nourishment this morning, I even surprise myself with the things that I say. While recording these podcast episodes as co-host and participant, I show up with no expectations. With many guests, I haven’t met them until that moment. These conversations feel genuine and intimate because they are.

The irony is that commitment isn’t limiting, it’s expansive and creative and can be so much fun. Writing for myself, and for ghostwriting clients, is more joyful and creative than I ever could have imagined. Both involve a commitment as well as willingness to show up and engage with one another.

I don’t enjoy ghostwriting from content alone, I need and want conversation around that content. In the same way, publishing my book involves a mutual commitment and conversation with my editor.

While meeting with a real estate client and some professional consults (all men my age and older) in reference to a specific situation, I summarized it with “millennials won’t make a damn commitment.” In later conversation, my client referenced that statement and shared his own professional observations of the same phenomenon. Fascinating.

With dating, I’ve found that I really don’t enjoy men even just a year or two younger than myself. I have gone on dates with several and there was just a disconnect. Similarly, with professional clients in both writing and real estate, my absolute favorites tend to be around my age or older. There’s a maturity factor that is there, as well as a willingness to commit to whatever the relationship is.

This morning I said yes to a potential writing project without knowing any details about it. The possible project involves someone I already have a collaborative and creative partnership with, and that history of commitment allows me to say yes without reservation or research. I already know we work well together and can commit easily without hesitation.

Commitment isn’t limiting and it’s not scary at all. When it’s with the right-for-you people, experiences, even houses…commitment can be a very beautiful and mutually beneficial experience.

I’m not turning away from an entire generation of people, I do have very close friends who are ten or more years younger. I just know I don’t want to date them, and they may or may not be ideal clients for me. That just depends on the person, as well as how they view commitment.

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Experience of Trauma Revisited

It’s been five months since experiencing a random and unexpected trauma in a parking lot. Since then, I’ve been adament about continuing to show up and be present in the world. Someone once asked me if I felt afraid, and the honest answer was no. Until an experience yesterday.

Charlotte definitely has a population of homeless people. It’s not uncommon to see people with signs at various intersections, walking around uptown, wherever. While at a gas station not far from home, a man approached me intently asking for money.

I was standing alone with my keys in hand, and there were other people around, when a man got close and insisted on essentially begging me for money, food, to buy him something to eat. And I made eye contact with him, listening to his words. At first I didn’t feel fear, but sympathy and a deep sense of mental illness. I sensed instability.

And I almost ran away, but for some reason didn’t and offered to buy him food. Which isn’t typical of me at all. This man apologized to me, saying he was sorry if he had been rude.

Then he approached and came physically closer to me than I was comfortable with and it happened; I was flooded with fear. He almost seemed to be approaching to hug me (which wasn’t at all welcome) and I was deeply afraid. I was afraid of physical harm. Trauma. Being physically over-powered. I felt intensely afraid, and it shocked me.

I felt myself fall into the survival mode of fight or flight. I could feel the tension and even shifted how I was holding my keys. I felt terrified and vulnerable to physical harm, hyper-vigilant in my awareness of everything around me.

He saw my reaction and became visibly agitated. He started yelling, and interpreted my behavior as an indication that I believe black people are violent criminals. He had no way to know my behavior was related to trauma at the hands of….a white man. And I wasn’t about to explain any of that to him.

Another man standing nearby held eye contact with me while I silently pleaded with him to move closer and remain in between me and this now agitated other man. He must have sensed it, because he did move closer and just his presence felt reassuring.

The reality is that as a woman, I am not physically as strong as men. As a fiercely independent person, I hate even typing those words…but it’s the truth.

In the midst of all these emotions, I somehow stood my ground, paid for his food and walked back to my car. Where I immediately locked the doors and drove away.

I’m aware of a pattern in my own life. Once I’m far enough beyond a traumatic event or process to start writing about it; that’s a clear signal it’s time to talk more publicly about it.

The same afternoon the above experience happened, Natalie had mentioned our recording a podcast episode about what happened to me in March. It’s been a foregone conclusion that we will at some point do such an episode but until now I haven’t felt ready. It’s an enormous conversation and very highly emotionally charged.

Not that I feel completely ready now, but I do have a strong record of simply showing up, even when I don’t feel ready. So, I just signed myself up as a podcast guest and sent in all of my info. I am willing to have conversations about trauma, true strength and raw courage; as well as what all of that really looks like.

To be clear, I haven’t ever avoided having such conversations. It’s just that until now, they’ve all been private conversations. Now it feels as though it’s time to broaden the audience able to witness them. The beauty of podcast episodes is that I can have the conversation once, and it then becomes available for anyone in the world who may benefit from it.

Grief and trauma are indeed equalizers and none of us escapes the experience of them. As much as I am passionate about illuminating my experience through and beyond divorce, I’m equally passionate about sharing my personal experience of a different type of grief and trauma. Because truly, what happened to me in March….could happen to anyone.

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Enchanting Conversations

My favorite conversations without question, are those that involve depth and meaningful communication. While for years I have (and still do) engage that way with my women friends, it’s recently become quite common for me to also have enchanting conversations with men. The recognition of this has stunned me in unexpected ways.

Not just in the realm of dating, although that arena is certainly still providing me with new evidence that there really are men with whom I genuinely enjoy talking and engaging. In a myriad of other connections, I’m having brilliantly enchanting conversations with truly fascinating men on a very regular basis.

In one instance, a professional connection threw out the idea of us doing a podcast together. His exact words were along the lines of “let’s cut to the chase and do a podcast” to which my immediate response was oh, hell YES. Let’s go!

It’s been so unpredictably enchanting to communicate with him, and realize a level of depth and shared perspective I never would have imagined. We share similar backgrounds in psychology and relate to being “informal therapists” in many aspects of our professional lives. It’s refreshing and so meaningful to talk about a wide variety of topics with one another.

In the way that writers share an unspoken understanding, so do those of us well versed in the language and perspective of psychology or therapy. He also very gently asked about what was behind a very raw and vulnerable post I shared on Instagram a while back.

We had a really beautiful conversation, navigating topics including trauma, grief and chosen responses. As well as larger concepts of the different outlooks men and women have while navigating life. He quite accurately noted a visible lack of such conversations not with women or men, but with women AND men talking openly with one another about such things.

At one point this Spring I joked that I’m just adding married, divorced and single men into all areas of my life. But it’s true. From random conversations in elevators, at professional and social events, everywhere I turn there are engaged and intriguing men showing up. It’s both fascinating and inspiring.

I’ve been very aware of the need to not just find my voice, but also to raise it for a while now. Turns out there are more men than I ever imagined who are also willing to show up and embrace meaningful conversations. Ones that may not always be easy, but that always include depth and substance.

One of my strongest and most clear indicators of whether to allow any connection closer to me is: are you willing be vulnerable? As well as whether or not you’re willing to be open enough to consider alternate perspectives and experiences.

The very best of these enchanting conversations are ones that challenge me. They challenge me to question what’s underneath my particular responses and, maybe more importantly, what’s underneath my more immediate reactions.  Conversations and communication that invite me to dig deeper and uncover awareness or understanding previously hidden.

I have NO idea what is unfolding, where any of it will lead, or what the reason is for any of it having shown up. All I know is that I continue to be surrounded by, and a contributor to, absolutely enchanting conversations with women AND with men. Inviting and expressing more of that? Hell, yes. Because enchantment is just so damn fun.

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