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Soul Mates – My Personal Opinion

This is a topic that has come up in a lot of conversations recently, and as with so much, I have some thoughts about it.

I personally do not buy into the fairy tale concept that there is one “soul mate” out there, and once you find that person, life just becomes magical. As someone who is happily divorced, I can tell you….we don’t always get it right when choosing a partner. Relationships of any kind include ups and downs; they are not always easy.

The term “soul connections” feels much more accurate to me, and there is ample evidence of it in my own life. While I don’t think anyone’s doing much dating at the moment, I’m still happily single but open to considering a romantic relationship; says the pretty solidly unromantic woman.

However, there are quite a few people in my life that I would classify as soul connections. People with whom there is an undeniable and very strong attraction. Some of these are professional connections, some are both professional and personal, others are just personal.

For me, the most critical (and accurate) indication of a soul connection is communication and conversation. Every person that I’d classify as a soul connection is someone who has shown up and not just matched me in communication, but challenged and expanded our connection through conversation.

These are people who show up, and don’t just match me; they are willing to debate and share differing opinions. Each one is a significant factor in my own personal growth…and I love that.

I’ve learned a lot about my preferences when it comes to dating, and communication is one of my biggest complaints when it comes to the experience of dating. So many men are unable, or unwilling, to show up and have a conversation.

I have so much deep appreciation for the people in my life that are soul-level connections; I adore our conversations. With regard to dating, I have a lot of criteria but communication is one of the most meaningful. Though I won’t negotiate on height or several other factors.

If I ever choose to be in a relationship again, it will need to match this type of soul level connection. It would need to be someone willing to show up and not just engage in conversation with me, but one willing to challenge and debate; to make me consider different perspectives.

At this point, I just don’t care how few men may match all of my personal criteria for a partner. There is ample evidence in other areas of my life that such soul connections exist, and that they can arrive in my life in some of the most unexpected ways.

So while I don’t believe in the idea of a single soul mate, I do very much believe that there are soul level connections available; it is always our choice whether to embrace and recognize them when they arrive. It also does not mean that they remain in our lives forever, and sometimes that’s an even more challenging awareness to embrace.

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The Joy of Creative Collaboration

I’m involved in a wide variety of creative projects right now. Some are personal projects, others are helping clients share their wisdom and stories, others are so random and involve people I’ve never met other than online.

In each and every one of those projects and relationships, there is such immense joy and creativity, it is absolutely stunning to witness and experience. Alignment and levels of synchronicity beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. It makes my synchronistic experiences last Fall look like child’s play.

Whether I’m the writer or the ghostwriter, each one of these projects is just so damn FUN and a powerfully creative endeavor. In most cases, these are people and connections that I didn’t know even a few months ago. They arrived and showed up in so many completely unexpected ways, but all have been undeniable.

I’m now actively in the editing process of my first book, and the editor I’m working with arrived through a mutual close friend. In one conversation, I knew that I had zero interest in talking with any of the other editor contacts I’d received. Historically, I’m not one to jump into such a commitment nearly immediately. Clearly, times have changed. Or maybe it’s more that I’ve changed.

Because these types of creative collaboration relationships keep showing up. And they’re offering me the experience and awareness that while writing can be (and often is) a very solitary activity, it can also be a creative partnership.

In opening up to possibility, new creative opportunities are invited in. Sometimes with people I may never meet in person. One of my current projects was a result of responding to a request for writers willing to create content based on an assigned word. And the word I received is one that I can indeed take in a number of different directions. How fun, exciting and wildly detached from any specific outcome.

I’m not at all sure who this version of me is, all I know is that joyful experiences are everywhere. My favorite writing projects are with people who aren’t just open to me using my creativity, they welcome it. Because what ends up being created is a blend of their voice with mine, and that type of writing feels so expansive.

Friends or acquaintances have asked why I’d want to ghostwrite and never get credit for it. And my answer is always that it’s not about the byline. My passion is about expressing the message. Might be weird, but I genuinely find it so very fun to see things I’ve ghostwritten. It’s so cool to witness them being shared and know that I was part of creating that.

Joyful creative collaborations are not just possible, they’re also incredibly meaningful. And I really do love being a part of them.

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