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Finance Podcast Episodes

At least once a week I have absolutely brilliant conversations in collaboration on podcast episodes. Al and I just recorded another episode today, right after another episode aired yesterday.

It is so damn fun to listen to episodes once they air. I just show up and talk, in genuine conversation with podcast partners. I believe it comes through that these are all very real and authentic conversations.

This collaborative partnership showed up very unexpectedly almost a year ago and from the beginning, I had no expectations or attachment to outcomes. Which I think strengthens the bond that we have with one another.

Check out some of our recent conversations at: Confessions of a Financial Advisor Podcast

Al and I can talk with each other for hours at a time and these episodes are a glimpse into conversations we’ve been having for as long as we’ve been collaborating. In our off-air chat today we both noted that it feels as though we’ve known each other much longer than a year.

It was around this time last year that some unexpected endings in my life brought about conversations with men everywhere I go. I joked that last spring was the season of my meeting married men; that trend has only grown stronger in the past year.

When Al and I first met in person, he laughed when I shared my background of psychology. Put two psych majors together in conversation and watch the sparks fly; we go deep and go deep fast.

Especially now, I very much value our conversations and connection. We certainly touch on finance, but we also very much dig into the psychology and emotional aspects to behavior.

These podcast episodes are a window into the conversations we’ve been having since the very beginning. Our off-air talks include more cursing than our on-air ones do and they’re always healing for both of us. I so appreciate this connection and the value it brings to my life.

About a year ago, some previous relationships ended quite unexpectedly. At the time I couldn’t see it, but those endings opened floodgates of doors to new connections and relationships in all areas of my life. For that, I am immensely grateful.

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Bright Side of Technology

Anyone who knows me is well aware that I have a deep love/hate relationship when it comes to technology. As much as I am an introvert, I talk on the phone all the time. While also experiencing moments that I wish I could run away from the phone.

So it’s been interesting to witness the rest of the world catch on to the potential bright side of technology: connection. Several friends and I have had recent conversations noticing that the rest of the world has discovered that Zoom exists; we’ve been using it for years.

In the past year, I have talked and connected with more people around the world than ever before thanks to technology. I’ve received business from those connections, and I’ve hired people as a result of online connection. I ended Friday engaged in brilliant conversation with someone several states away from me.

Deleting Facebook and LinkedIn are still unequivocally some of the best decisions I made last year. But stepping into connecting with people via video chatting has been incredibly expansive; using technology that isn’t new at all.

In fact, it was a Zoom call that was instrumental in getting work out of my bedroom last summer. I did work from bed for several months, and I’m very willing to have written and verbal communication of mine posted online. I draw the line at video of me in bed, so just before a recording I pulled the laptop downstairs. I worked from bed while it was necessary but I appreciate having it back to personal space.

Most of my conversations and podcast recordings in the past week were with people located in other locations than the city where I live. There is expansiveness and brilliance in being able to connect with people via technology.

Still…it isn’t a substitute for being present in the same room with people. One of the podcasts recorded this week was with a lady I only knew online until January. We’d connected on Instagram and through a Disrupt Now Program podcast last summer.

The experience of finally meeting and being in a room with her in New Orleans was irreplaceable. Technology does have its benefits and can bring people around the world together virtually. But it still can’t replace the experience of being together with one another physically. Courtney Elmer and The EffortLESS Life are highly recommended.

I’m on Zoom calls all the time and talk with people literally around the world, as well as those several miles away. While we both enjoy being comfortable in our own spaces. There is tremendous value in that; but it still can’t replace the experience of being present with one another.

My complicated relationship with technology is likely to continue. It does have a bright and expansive side as well as a dark side of addiction and distraction. Ultimately it depends on how we choose to utilize it.

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Overcoming Fear

It is beyond ironic that a podcast episode I was part of recording a while ago just aired…given the current state of the world. The latest Confessions of a Financial Advisor podcast episode is all about overcoming fear. And fear is something every single person experiences in some form or another.

The world is currently in a state of massive fear and chaos. Check out the podcast episode linked above to listen in on my conversation with Al about the reality of fear.

It’s also the first time I’ve shared my personal story of the first man I went on a date with after my divorce. It’s been more than two years and that story still makes me laugh. Needless to say, he and I are no longer connected.

Right now, we are all navigating through some ridiculously messy emotions, including grief. The world has been traumatized by recent events, and those of us who are highly sensitive are holding not just personal but collective grief and fearful emotions.

In another “no such thing as coincidence” moment, my other podcast partner and I just recorded the next Disrupt Now Program podcast episode centered on the word: Surrender.

I’ve listened to that upcoming episode’s raw version and it is so fucking good! As are most of the episodes that I’m a part of with podcast partners. I just show up and talk, so every episode that I’m a collaborator on are truly a reflection of the genuine conversations I have in my daily life.

If you ever wonder what it’s like to talk with me, just listen to any of the episodes I’ve shared. They are all a reflection of what it’s like to engage in conversation with me. By far, the most common thing people say to me is, “It’s just really easy to talk with and be around you.” Followed closely by, “I’m not sure why I’m telling you this, it’s really personal.”

Both FA Confessions and the Disrupt Now Program podcasts have become huge passion projects of mine within the past year. I absolutely love collaborating on both of them. It’s hard to believe that a year ago neither one had shown up yet, they both just feel intimately familiar.

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Podcast Episode: Fanaticism

It does still shock me how willing I am now to listen to myself talk, but it is so much fun to listen to previous conversations I’ve had. This: Confessions of a Financial Advisor episode covers fanaticism.

Al and I have the most brilliant conversations. We both have so much fun every single time we talk, and it’s been that way since we began collaborating.

In this episode we talk about fanatics and fanaticism. When does a passion or interest cross the line into unhealthy behavior and obsession, and what’s the potential danger in crossing that line?

This collaborative partnership arrived unexpectedly, but has just worked right from the beginning. In fact, the first time we met, it quickly became clear that we have very similar backgrounds and perspectives. We’re both psych majors who have decades of experience in sales professions.

For about a year now, my rule has been that if something doesn’t feel good or fun…I’m not doing it. Every single episode of this podcast feels insanely fun, both while recording and later while listening once it airs. Regardless of whether we’re discussing theoretical or heavy topics, we simply enjoy communicating with each other.

I invite you to check it out and listen in as we informally therapist one another on a variety of topics. As much as I informally therapist the Charlotte metro region, I deeply appreciate the people in my life who are able to informally therapist me. Al and this Confessions of a Financial Advisor project are very much part of my informal therapist community.

While we do have a lot of things in common and shared personality traits, we bring both the masculine and feminine perspective to the table in every conversation. Yin and yang show up yet again in my life.

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An Honest Divorce Conversation

We had so much fun recording this episode, it’s definitely one of my favorites! Perhaps Al and I are different, in being willing to enjoy conversation about a topic such as divorce, but we’re both well beyond the fire of the experience itself. It does get easier to laugh about divorce as it fades into the past.

This time of year is the third anniversary of my own divorce being finalized. It’s healing to continue having conversation about it. Check out the latest episode on FA Confessions Podcast Episode: Divorce.

When Al and I first met, he told me “I like that you’re divorced.” Which may be an interesting way to start a conversation, but I appreciated the honesty. Ever since we started collaborating, we knew at some point we would talk about divorce; both in writing and on the podcast. It’s a topic that regularly comes up in our behind the scenes conversations.

I really love the irony that we recorded this episode right after Christmas, and it aired this week….right before Valentine’s Day. Nothing says happy holidays like the topic of divorce, as I know from the personal experience.

I didn’t quite answer Al’s question on the recorded podcast, so I’ll answer it here. He shared that he feels uncomfortable saying “I love you” and asked how I feel about it.

Personally, I would prefer to hear the words “I choose you” from a partner more than hearing him say “I love you.” Not that I wouldn’t appreciate the word love, the version including “choose” just feels more appropriate to me.

Because the reality is that I do not need or require a relationship with a man. If I were to be in a relationship, it would be a choice. A choice that obviously is both mutual and ongoing. Hearing someone say “I choose you” feels more aligned and true to me.

That said, I say “I love you” easily with friends and chosen family. I don’t have a problem with the phrase, or the word love itself. After all, words only have the power and meaning we choose to give them.

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Podcast Episode: Being Conscious in the Choice to Parent or Not to Parent

It’s always interesting to listen to podcast episodes once they air, as there’s always time between recording and publication. I often surprise even myself with the things that I’ve said. Which is part of the fun of being involved in such projects.

Episode 48 of the Disrupt Now Program Podcast about Consciously Parenting or Not Parenting is a conversation with three women. Two of whom (myself included) do not have children and our guest, Amy Gonzalez-Nelson who is a parent.

The three of us have a fascinating conversation around the topic of parenting from different perspectives. I’d totally forgotten that we also talked about some of my favorite words: potentiate and vicissitudes.

We all have quite a lot in common with regard to life experiences, despite the fact that not all of us have chosen to be parents of human children. I firmly believe our worthiness as humans is unrelated to whether or not we choose to have children.

It’s true that I have seen some wonderfully intentional and conscious parents who are raising children in ways that differ drastically from their own childhood experiences. Both mothers and fathers who experienced less than ideal parenting themselves, who are choosing to interact very differently with their own children. And that is very inspiring.

The Disrupt Now Program podcast is available on all podcast platforms, and it is a project I am very deeply passionate about. All of our conversations have such immense depth and come from a place of brilliant authenticity. We just recorded an upcoming episode exploring the jolt of WTF that was January of 2020, and based on my personal conversations, that’s how many of us experienced the first month of this new year.

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Confessions of a Financial Advisor Blog and Podcast

Confessions of a Financial Advisor is unique in that it addresses the emotional and psychological aspects of finance, and life in general. When it comes to finance, the emotional component is not often talked about. But as with so much in life…it’s always just below the surface.

This website and soon to be launched podcast are some of my favorite collaborative projects. The content includes very real and honest conversations, ones that I find so refreshingly genuine and inspiring.

Behavioral economics is a real phenomenon, one I certainly experience intimately with real estate clients. The irony is not lost on me that despite having a decidedly non-finance related background, I’ve spent a lot of years working closely with that industry. The high school student who hated economics has grown up to be a writer bridging psychology and finance. Ironic indeed.

FA Confessions is all about pulling back the curtain on what really drives our behavior and decisions. It’s a very personal and intensely honest conversation about what lies below the surface. It is a joy to be part of, and as much as it’s a passion project for the creator and author, I’m passionate about sharing the message.

Ghostwriting (at least with me) involves a tremendous amount of conversation behind the scenes; another of this year’s brilliant realizations for me.

If you’re curious about the conversations those of us familiar with the world of finance have with each other…check it out.

This blog and podcast address a wide variety of real-life topics that so many of us navigate. Topics including: grief, trauma, healing, resilience, and self-awareness.

As with my own experience in real estate that it isn’t about the house, when it comes to finance…it’s not just about the money. There is always more to the story.

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Mining for Diamonds in the Darkness of Life Experiences

This year began with my writing about diamonds and mining for wisdom within life experience. It’s no coincidence that it is ending with a conversation about the same topic airing as one of my most recent podcast appearances.

Disrupt Now Program Episode 47: Mining for Diamonds is a personal favorite and very much what it’s like to have a conversation with me. It’s totally a recorded version of the conversations Natalie and I have with each other all the time.

This has been quite a year. And while there are definitely moments I would not want to go back and live again, there has been an immense amount of wisdom gained…much of it very unexpected.

While falling even more deeply in love with both writing and ghostwriting, I’ve realized I am passionate about ghostwriting with men. Turns out, there are not just great men in the world, there are men with meaningful stories and life experiences to share.

Men aren’t who I would have thought are an ideal client of mine, and although the realization arrived in some unexpected pathways, it is undeniable. I’ve always worked well with men and even within real estate transactions, I tend to get along easily with men in a cooperative broker or client capacity.

While ghostwriting for any client, it is inevitable that topics of grief, trauma, and healing will arise. The awareness that I’m not just willing but very skilled in navigating such topics is another gift uncovered this year.

These are conversations I’ve been having for what seems like forever, but the frequency and intensity of them has been amplified throughout this year. It is so very true; everyone has a story. And there is healing, connection, and so much courage in the sharing of those stories. For women, and for men too.

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Podcast Episode: The Path of Least Resistance

Brilliant, fascinating, in-depth conversations surround me wherever I go. This latest podcast episode is no exception. Check out: Disrupt Now Podcast Episode 45: The Path of Least Resistance Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Natalie and I had a conversation with Anonymous Al, and we touched on everything from the path of least resistance, to morality, grief, humanity, and consciousness. All three of us have eerily similar backgrounds and this was an instantly collaborative conversation.

In this episode, we share our own stories and experiences related to the path of least resistance, and choosing to break free of that pathway.

One of the things I love most about this episode is that it’s a very open and vulnerable dialogue among women AND men. It is absolutely a reflection of other conversations I’ve personally had with men in my own life.

Communicating about feelings and emotions, insecurities and doubts, is not exclusive to women. There are men willing to engage with those topics as well, and it’s always refreshing to meet them.

I am having so much fun co-hosting the Disrupt Now Podcast, it’s such a perfect fit for me and recording every episode is just so joyful. It’s also fun to participate in the episode, then listen once it airs. I’ve usually forgotten exactly what was said or discussed, so it’s enlightening to me too, even though I was part of the conversation.

Of all the new experiences that have arrived this year, this creative and collaborative podcast partnership is most definitely one of my favorites. It’s one of many opportunities I’ve said “yes” to from a space of trusting my own intuition rather than rationalizing.

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Disrupt Now Podcast Episode: Navigating Through and Beyond Trauma

I’ve known for a while that I would participate in a conversation about my personal experience of traumatic events. With access to a variety of communication platforms, I intentionally use that access to speak and share parts of my own story. Even the parts that include less than comfortable experiences…such as being physically assaulted. Listen to: Disrupt Now Episode 44 Navigating Through and Beyond Trauma

While reaching the decision to share this part of my story, I was very aware of even more mass shootings and violent events unfolding. It’s important for me to share my own experience with violence.

It is not just individuals who have a shadow side. And all individuals do. It’s just a matter of how aware of it we are, and how willing we are to witness it. Our country also has a shadow side. One that continues to invite us to witness it.

The United States was founded upon values of violence, aggression, and dehumanization. That is our country’s shadow side. And while never easy or comfortable, witnessing it is the only pathway toward healing.

There are massive systems in this country that are broken, not least of which include the mental health, education, and the prison systems. Twenty years post-Columbine, clearly what we’ve being doing has not been working. But we cannot and will not create a new paradigm; unless and until we are willing to witness the impacts of our country’s shadow side.

I share my personal experience through and beyond trauma, partly because it involves violence that is not gun related. I’m very aware that if the man who assaulted me had a gun, I likely would not be here to tell my story. I’m not diminishing the importance of conversation related to guns and violence. But the epidemic of violence in this country is not limited to gun violence.

It’s a deeper issue than that, and it’s more systemic within in our culture. It is utterly horrifying to hear of, or witness, what humans are capable of doing to one another. Yet there is also opportunity for those of us who have firsthand experience with trauma or violence of any kind; to share our stories and engage in conversation.

While recording podcast episodes, I am intensely focused on the conversation; it never occurs to me who may eventually listen to it. It’s an intimate conversation that is made public, and I think that’s part of what makes it so powerful.

In the time since we recorded this episode, the expansion I mentioned has been making itself even more clear to me. There are some creative projects that are undeniably mine to explore. And while I have no idea where any of it will lead, I am willing to show up and see where it all goes.

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