I am totally not in a place where I should be writing or sharing anything…yet here I go.

Grief is fucking awful. It is messy beyond description and hits in ways so unexpected that they defy description. I am currently navigating one such wave.

And I do NOT want to feel this. Any of it. And yet, here it is and I cannot deny it. All of it is fucking awful.

Grief is not linear and it does not follow a pattern. It is messy as hell and writes its own rules….which I intensely dislike.

In addition to recent loss, I also recently learned of some less than stellar behavior by someone I used to know. So fucking fun.

I’ve been described as a very strong person and that always makes me laugh, because if people knew the truth of how it feels to navigate this shit….Fuck.

Grief comes in waves that are not ever predictable. Several washed over me today in very unexpected moments. I am ridiculously acquainted with grief and its behavior.

Copyright©2020 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “Grief”

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