New Memories

Having lived in the Charlotte area for nearly two decades, I have a lot of memories in a lot of locations. I continue to create new memories in spaces and places within this area.

Within the past few weeks, I have spent time and created new memories in an area of Fort Mill. One that isn’t close to where I live but that I can get to relatively easily. When a friend suggested the Kingsley neighborhood, I paused for a moment before saying yes to showing up. For reasons known only to me as to why I hesitated.

This friend and I spent quality time in this neighborhood and our most recent date included day drinking with each other while enjoying the spring weather.

It’s not a place where either of us live, but we intentionally create memories with one another in that place together. About a year ago some significant shifts happened in my life, impacting some very close relationships.

This year, even more shifts arrived and brought new waves of grief. Ones that I am learning to walk through and navigate. Not always easily, but as the best I know how to do in each moment.

Creating new memories in places is a bright spot within my daily schedule, and it’s one I look forward to when the opportunities arise. “Fuck” has been a complete sentence lately, and I’m only just beginning to allow myself to cry and feel the waves of grief. Sometimes, there are simply no words to express the depth of emotions. Creating new memories is healing, even when I have a complicated relationship with the place.

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