Bright Side of Technology

Anyone who knows me is well aware that I have a deep love/hate relationship when it comes to technology. As much as I am an introvert, I talk on the phone all the time. While also experiencing moments that I wish I could run away from the phone.

So it’s been interesting to witness the rest of the world catch on to the potential bright side of technology: connection. Several friends and I have had recent conversations noticing that the rest of the world has discovered that Zoom exists; we’ve been using it for years.

In the past year, I have talked and connected with more people around the world than ever before thanks to technology. I’ve received business from those connections, and I’ve hired people as a result of online connection. I ended Friday engaged in brilliant conversation with someone several states away from me.

Deleting Facebook and LinkedIn are still unequivocally some of the best decisions I made last year. But stepping into connecting with people via video chatting has been incredibly expansive; using technology that isn’t new at all.

In fact, it was a Zoom call that was instrumental in getting work out of my bedroom last summer. I did work from bed for several months, and I’m very willing to have written and verbal communication of mine posted online. I draw the line at video of me in bed, so just before a recording I pulled the laptop downstairs. I worked from bed while it was necessary but I appreciate having it back to personal space.

Most of my conversations and podcast recordings in the past week were with people located in other locations than the city where I live. There is expansiveness and brilliance in being able to connect with people via technology.

Still…it isn’t a substitute for being present in the same room with people. One of the podcasts recorded this week was with a lady I only knew online until January. We’d connected on Instagram and through a Disrupt Now Program podcast last summer.

The experience of finally meeting and being in a room with her in New Orleans was irreplaceable. Technology does have its benefits and can bring people around the world together virtually. But it still can’t replace the experience of being together with one another physically. Courtney Elmer and The EffortLESS Life are highly recommended.

I’m on Zoom calls all the time and talk with people literally around the world, as well as those several miles away. While we both enjoy being comfortable in our own spaces. There is tremendous value in that; but it still can’t replace the experience of being present with one another.

My complicated relationship with technology is likely to continue. It does have a bright and expansive side as well as a dark side of addiction and distraction. Ultimately it depends on how we choose to utilize it.

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