The city in which I live has had “mandatory” stay at home orders in effect for weeks now. Which also led them to choose to stop picking up yard waste.

So we are supposed to stay at home, which I’ve been doing. And I’ve turned to working in the yard and putting the debris at the curb. Knowing that eventually it will get picked up.

Then I get a property violation letter in the mail, complete with a picture some city employee took from across the street. Mess with a writer and push a Taurus far enough…we shove the fuck back.

@cltgov – Fuck Off. And how dare you?!?!?! To send me a violation letter for putting yard waste at the curb. The same yard waste you refuse to pick up. And to use my tax dollars to send some city employee to stalk and take pictures of my property? That is beyond creepy. Fuck the hell off.

All of this reeks of patriarchy, spying, and outright big brother surveillance. You spend resources sending me a “violation” letter while neighbors gather routinely to drink and socialize. Yet my yard waste is somehow worthy of a letter telling me that I am in “violation” at the expense of city resources.

Charlotte…it was your decision to stop collecting yard waste. Charlotte…you’ve told people to stay home, which I have. Charlotte…you are paying people to stalk and collect “evidence” about residents???? Fuck. Off. Charlotte…you have a significant violence issue: that might be a better choice to focus upon.

The world has absolutely lost its mind. And the city of Charlotte, NC clearly has as well. The patriarchal structures are indeed falling; I suppose that’s the silver lining.

The ultimate irony is that when I called the main city contact: there’s an automated message instructing residents to place yard waste at the curb in advance of a county-wide pick up in less than ten days. What the actual fuck Charlotte?

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