New Beginnings and Creative Scheduling

Spring has always been my favorite season and it is a time of new beginnings. How appropriate that I spent the first day of this season with some of my closest friends, creating new memories in a familiar place.

This time with friends was a direct result of what’s become much more common lately: creative scheduling.

Yesterday’s date was a reschedule from a few weeks ago, when I cancelled out of emotional exhaustion; I simply did not have the energy at that time to go out. Yet, by the time the reschedule date arrived, restaurants and bars were closed.

So…one of my highly creative and intuitive friends suggested an alternate location outdoors. At a place that I have a long personal history with, and often visit both alone and with others.

Rather than hanging out at some bar, we met and drank wine at a park. Enjoying the beautiful weather and peaceful setting. This creative socializing was one of the most fun wine dates I have ever had.

Creative scheduling also applies to some potential upcoming projects that are just beginning to be discussed. All of which are completely aligned with me, my work, and my creativity. A year ago, I wouldn’t have been ready to embrace any of these new experiences in the same way that I am today.

While the first half of March felt like an emotional train wreck, the second half is bringing in lots of new beginnings, opportunities, and creative possibilities. All of which just feel really good. Perhaps now that I’ve cleared out all of that emotional baggage, I’m more ready than ever to welcome even more new beginnings.

I have a lot of highly creative people in my life and collaborative endeavors seems to be a current theme. As does getting creative with scheduling, both virtually and in-person. A year ago, I couldn’t imagine how many virtual conversation opportunities would soon begin arriving.

Certainly, with what’s going on in the world, accessing the bright side of technology to connect virtually has become a highly accelerated trend; and there is tremendous opportunity in embracing that.

It turns out that I really enjoy participating in virtual meetings and conversations. I get to be comfortable at home in workout clothes and still have brilliant conversations, with connections all over the world. The expansiveness of that format and how much I enjoy it has been one of the most joyful discoveries of the past year.

It’s true that a lot can change in a year. A lot can change in even a week or a day. There is magic available when we choose to surrender to embracing possibility, new beginnings, and collaborative creativity.

In the midst of chaos, I am choosing to say “yes” to new creative and collaborative projects myself, while also witnessing creative friends launch their own new endeavors and projects. All of which is quite a lot of fun.

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