Embracing the Unknown

No one is more surprised than me at the experiences I am choosing to say “yes” to in all areas of my life. Including solo travel in what I’d describe as stealth mode; most people don’t know where I’m going until after I’m back.

For about a year, I’ve been threatening to take my laptop and run away to the mountains. But really, it’s not so much running away as leaning toward an area I want to explore. Both on my own and with friends.

I enjoy traveling alone, and an intuitive friend pointed out that choosing to travel on my own is bringing opportunities to meet new people. This came up in conversation after I shared that I actually would like to be in a relationship, and while I haven’t had great experiences with online dating, it’s true that I do meet new people all the time in the course of my daily life.

Traveling by myself is just another avenue to meet and connect with new people. It’s also a distinct way of continuing to embrace the unknown and explore. Which isn’t necessarily my default style, but it’s been a very strong recent trend.

In re-writing what my birthday celebration will look like this year, I’ve decided it is the anniversary of turning forty and will involve travel with friends. Last year, my birthday came and went without any significant celebration; I went out for drinks with friends…but I do that all the time.

So this year is an opportunity to embrace something much more meaningful and new as a way of celebrating. At the end of April last year, I had a lot going on, and didn’t have the capacity to really consider how I wanted to celebrate. This year, things are different, and it’s a new opportunity to do something different.

Embracing the unknown may not be my default style, but it is getting easier the more I lean into practicing it.

Continuing to shift professionally toward writing brings with it endless freedom, as it’s a totally location independent career. Which feels intoxicating and also terrifying. I can write and read from anywhere, including while exploring the mountains of NC. I’ve finally run out of excuses and am more willing than ever to allow myself to explore new experiences.

Just as New Orleans was an undeniable conversational topic prior to being there, the mountains have been strongly pulling me toward them for quite a while. It’s about time I chose to just go and explore that area. Continuing to embrace the new and unknown; while creating new memories for myself.

Copyright©2020 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “Embracing the Unknown”

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