Getting Unstuck

Writers block is very real, and it is beyond frustrating. My recent encounter with it has been one of the worst episodes I’ve ever experienced. I tried absolutely everything to alleviate it, and nothing worked. Locked in a massive battle with words, having things to say and knowing they’re right below the surface but won’t come through is maddening.

More than the typical productive procrastination, writers block is a special kind of agony. It’s the absolute worst. And it makes me rather irritable and cranky to say the least. A frustrated writer is no fun to be around.

What finally allowed me to move through this most recent bout arrived through another writer. And it involved playfulness. Through a guided activity, designed to loosen our grip on the pen and get out of our own way, I was finally able to move through and beyond the point that had been incessantly tripping me up.

The relief following getting unstuck is like a high, and maybe that’s part of what keeps us coming back to whatever creative endeavor we prefer. For me, it’s writing. I cannot stay away from words, nor can I escape them. Ironically, the point that had me so frustrated recently…involves words and the meaning we attach to them.

Much of the process involved in writing and publishing a book can be a lot of fun. It’s creative, unique, and very much a collaborative process. Much more collaborative than I ever realized, but I like that aspect of it. I’m as independent as I am collaborative.

At the same time, the process involves massive amounts of frustration. Points at which it feels like you’re making absolutely no progress and can’t see how to move forward. It feels impossibly hard and makes me want to throw the laptop at the wall, because…fuck this!

I was warned that I would reach a point of being totally and completely sick of the damn book I’m writing. Well, that point has certainly arrived. I’m sure there are more experiences of feeling completely stuck ahead. But I can keep using a variety of methods to move through them. Including a perspective of playfulness and curiosity, thanks to the reminder from another writer to get out of my own way, and loosen my grip on the pen.

Copyright©2019 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “Getting Unstuck”

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