Disrupt Now Podcast Episode: Navigating Through and Beyond Trauma

I’ve known for a while that I would participate in a conversation about my personal experience of traumatic events. With access to a variety of communication platforms, I intentionally use that access to speak and share parts of my own story. Even the parts that include less than comfortable experiences…such as being physically assaulted. Listen to: Disrupt Now Episode 44 Navigating Through and Beyond Trauma

While reaching the decision to share this part of my story, I was very aware of even more mass shootings and violent events unfolding. It’s important for me to share my own experience with violence.

It is not just individuals who have a shadow side. And all individuals do. It’s just a matter of how aware of it we are, and how willing we are to witness it. Our country also has a shadow side. One that continues to invite us to witness it.

The United States was founded upon values of violence, aggression, and dehumanization. That is our country’s shadow side. And while never easy or comfortable, witnessing it is the only pathway toward healing.

There are massive systems in this country that are broken, not least of which include the mental health, education, and the prison systems. Twenty years post-Columbine, clearly what we’ve being doing has not been working. But we cannot and will not create a new paradigm; unless and until we are willing to witness the impacts of our country’s shadow side.

I share my personal experience through and beyond trauma, partly because it involves violence that is not gun related. I’m very aware that if the man who assaulted me had a gun, I likely would not be here to tell my story. I’m not diminishing the importance of conversation related to guns and violence. But the epidemic of violence in this country is not limited to gun violence.

It’s a deeper issue than that, and it’s more systemic within in our culture. It is utterly horrifying to hear of, or witness, what humans are capable of doing to one another. Yet there is also opportunity for those of us who have firsthand experience with trauma or violence of any kind; to share our stories and engage in conversation.

While recording podcast episodes, I am intensely focused on the conversation; it never occurs to me who may eventually listen to it. It’s an intimate conversation that is made public, and I think that’s part of what makes it so powerful.

In the time since we recorded this episode, the expansion I mentioned has been making itself even more clear to me. There are some creative projects that are undeniably mine to explore. And while I have no idea where any of it will lead, I am willing to show up and see where it all goes.

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