Love, Passion, Desire and Relationships

I do not believe in coincidence, but even for me, some recent events have been a bit hard to believe. Catching up with a friend, I explained all of the new things unfolding just in the past few months as feeling like I’m living from a place of passion and desire rather than obligation.

And that’s very much true, though the speed and intensity of that transition and shift has honestly felt overwhelming at times. Love, passion, desire and relationships are not topics I’ve really ever focused on before. At least not with any intentional focus, but they’re all certainly a theme right now. And somehow I’m just going with it.

A book called Journey of the Heart: The Path of Conscious Love showed up. I really don’t remember having requested it and it’s not one I’d typically be drawn to, but somehow it was waiting for me at the library. I found it to be a really fascinating perspective on intimate relationships.

Meditation is like running to me – something I routinely pick up and put down. But I’ve done many of the Oprah and Deepak 21 day meditation experiences over the years. The one I’m currently in? It’s called “miraculous relationships.” Because, of course this is what would show up now.

This morning’s meditation highlighted themes that have been running in the background for months, and the centering thought was “I use my energy to heal and transform.”  Damn.

It illuminated and spoke to things that have been arising in all areas of my life at a pace it’s sometimes just breathtaking to witness. The power of intentional focus, desire for meaningful engagement, the dynamic nature of our true selves not focused on “busy-ness” but on presence.

I have zero explanation for any of the events, experiences or insights that have shown up recently. Nor can I explain how or why certain relationships have exponentially deepened or faded. And there’s a part of me that doesn’t care that I can’t explain any of it.

Because truly living, deciding and navigating from a place of deep reverence for and alignment with love, passion, and desire just feels so expansive and creative. Having tasted it, I can’t go back to any other way of being.

I’ve heard love described as a way of being rather than as simply an emotion before, and that perspective also showed up again recently. In being asked to expand something I’d written years ago about love, I realized I have more to say about that topic and can take it to a much deeper level than ever before.

In conversation with a friend recently, we both laughed while talking about the journeys of self-awareness and personal growth as never-ending and not including a graduation or completion. That’s how all of this feels to me; yet another level. And while I’ve never been here before, somehow…I really am ok with that unfamiliarity.

In many ways this embracing of love, passion, and desire seems like what I’ve been working toward for all of these years I’ve been going within and confronting previous beliefs and fears. It feels like another level of freedom. One that’s a whole lot more fun than ever before, certainly one that’s more passionate and joyful.

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