Reconnection and Quality Time

The past few months have truly felt like coming back up for air, and continue to include tons of time reconnecting with friends. All of this week’s one on one meetings are with people I’ve known for a long time but haven’t seen much, if at all, in recent months.

Toward the end of last year, I re-did the love language quiz and quality time tied with acts of service as my primary types. I realized I very much express love through quality time, so it’s not really a stretch that I’ve been called “the queen of one on ones.”

I really enjoy one on one meetings with friends and connections. They’re  much more suitable for conversations with depth than larger groups or events. And I navigate depth very easily, it’s decidedly a preference over superficial interaction.

It’s also been interesting to notice that many more friends have been reaching out to schedule time together. One just texted asking for another “therapy date,” which made me laugh because that’s accurate for both of us, and often includes wine.

I do genuinely enjoy getting this quality time on a regular basis. With people I am either interested to get to know, or already know and enjoy spending time in conversation.

Within the past few months I’ve made some decisions to change my commitments, and chose to view that as an opportunity to belong even more fully to myself. Not that I haven’t belonged to myself since being divorced, but this was at an even deeper level.

While making decisions and ending some very long-standing aspects of my life, my fear and concern revolved around how it would impact the relationships I’ve grown over the years. I had to accept that I can’t ever predict or control any potential impact from any decision I make.

I experience fear, doubt, insecurity, concern or anxiety on a daily basis. I’m just not willing to allow any of those emotions to stop me from continuing to show up for my own life.

Of course, it turns out that the genuine relationships didn’t disappear, they’ve actually grown stronger. Now that I have even more capacity to spend quality time completely as I choose to do so, I find myself with a calendar full of those I genuinely love.

After a really strange start to this year, it’s refreshing to get to reconnect and spend so much quality time with people. I don’t recommend experiencing a broken jaw and navigating the shit show that ensued to get to that point, but recent shifts have been so very welcome in allowing for so many quality interactions and conversations.

I’d very much like to continue more of exactly these types of connections, reconnections, and all around quality time. I’m more appreciative of all the inspiring, warm, engaging and just fun people in my life than I can express.

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