Love at First Sight is Real

In a recent conversation with a buyer I worked with nearly ten years ago, she brought up the day we first saw the house they still live in today. It surprised me how clearly she remembers that day, and I also remember how adamant she was that the house was the one for her.

We were still standing on the driveway when she told me “this is the one, this is my house.” I must have looked a bit skeptical because she still laughs at my expression, which must have been along the lines of “maybe wait till we’ve gotten inside to decide that…”

But I’ve seen it happen over and over again with buyers. Love at first sight is actually a real thing. Most people aren’t quite as aware or vocal about it as this lady was, but I’ve watched it happen countless times, and even experienced a version of it myself.

A couple of years ago I wrote about how Sometimes a First House is Like a First Husband and have since had clients express the same sentiment which always makes me laugh, because it’s so very true.

I never liked my first house and had to talk myself into buying it. We lived there for 3 and a half years, which was exactly three and a half years longer than I wanted to be there.

Once that house was under contract, ex and I were looking for the next house and I did most of the searching, only bringing him to the options I was willing to consider. At one point I heard myself say “well, I don’t hate it.”

I had settled so severely with the first house, I was NOT willing to do that again. To the extent that I didn’t care if it meant moving twice and renting until I found the one I really wanted to buy.

Within moments of walking into my current house, I realized I’d been here before. Five years earlier, I’d interviewed for a nanny position with a prior owner. While not quite love at first sight, it was a recognition, and I do believe this house was meant to be mine. That was nearly twelve years ago, and the past four years have been the BEST, since I’ve lived here by myself.

Ok, technically it was the second time I saw this house. But the first time, I wasn’t looking for a home to buy so that time doesn’t really count.

I really love that my client remembers her moment of recognition so clearly, and also that I was a part of it. My own is certainly meaningful to me, and the ex ever knew this story, so I love it even more because it’s all mine.

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