The Beauty of Blank Spaces

It feels as though I’m constantly decluttering, releasing and letting go of things. To the extent that I recently wondered how the hell I’m STILL finding things to get rid of.

I started cleaning out my office after several months of not using it at all. Under piles of paperwork, I found an old list I’d written 4 years ago, and immediately realized that even my handwriting is vastly different today. It’s far more open and flowing than back when I was married. Fascinating.

For months, I allowed piles of papers and cards to sit on my kitchen counters. I avoided dealing with it, yet it was a constant visual irritant. Until I finally decided I’d had enough.

Clearing those piles opened up space, and that just feels so much more calming. I’m not quite minimalist, but also don’t see the point of having things simply for the sake of having them.

This release led me to clearing out old client files, and then I realized that now I only have client files from the time I was separated and divorced. That feels really good, and like yet another layer of healing.

Somehow, I also still had old personal files that included my ex’s name. How I missed those in prior rounds of release, I have no idea, but apparently now was their time to go.

Clearing out and releasing opens up blank spaces, which invites in possibilities and potential.

With everything in my life, I’m intensely intentional, and evaluate based on whether things are meaningful to me. Including the things that surround me. Turns out that as with so many other things in life, this clearing is a never-ending process and opportunity to constantly evaluate what is (and is not) meaningful to me.

Talking with a close friend recently, she’s also clearing out tons of things that are no longer relevant. We’re also both navigating evolving our professional and personal lives. Having known each other for years, we’ve seen one another change and have a lot of similar life experiences, regardless of the differences in the details.

We’ve also both realized how liberating clearing, and opening up blank spaces can feel, as well as how much it allows us to recognize brilliant new opportunities the more we lean into it.

I’ve been working in google drive quite a lot lately, and am even clearing out old files there and in my email folders. Cyber clutter is very real and just as relevant as getting rid of physical clutter.

Blank space isn’t a void, it’s an invitation to possibility and even better things than we can yet imagine or comprehend. I quite enjoy being the sole decision maker in my life, with the ability to decide what I add, keep, or delete at any given point in time.

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