New Creative Partnership with the Disrupt Now Podcast

I am not often speechless, so the feeling of it isn’t at all familiar. Yet that’s exactly how I felt one Friday evening in May while hanging out at a bar with a friend.

My friend and date for the evening asked if I’d be interested or willing to partner with her on the podcast she created. And it took me at least a minute to answer her because I had no words. Until I said one of the most decisive “yeses” that I have ever expressed.

That YES only occurred after I shoved my logical, rational mind completely out of the decision making process. Something I find myself doing more and more often lately, and somehow I’m ok with that.

The alignment and perfection of this partnership is undeniable and it’s an understatement to say that I am beyond excited about it. The Disrupt Now Podcast was created as a platform of conversations with people challenging and disrupting the status quo. Just slightly aligned with me.

When I divorced, I didn’t just throw out the old rule book, I burned it and have been writing my own rules ever since. The beauty of which is that I get to decide when and if my own rules are bent in any way.

Communication is a word that has been relentlessly showing up in my life particularly over the past few months. It seems that I cannot stop talking, and don’t even want to stop. I’ve talked on my phone more in the past few months than in the past several years.

What I didn’t realize was that Natalie created this podcast with a vision that it would be a collaborative creative endeavor. What she didn’t realize is that I’ve played with the idea of a podcast for well over a year, but I didn’t want one just about me.

Our friendship has had a very strong complementarity to it right from the beginning, and that’s only strengthened over time. Both of us continue to just show up and it’s easy, effortless and so much fun.

In what was now clearly foreshadowing this alliance, I was a guest on the Disrupt Now podcast with an episode we recorded earlier this year. That episode stemmed from one of our marathon conversations on New Year’s Eve 2018.

When we recorded the Art of Allowing Episode of Disrupt Now we had no script and simply talked the way we always do with one another.

We recorded episode 41 yesterday in a brand new podcast space, with magic and synchronicity literally everywhere. Even I cannot make this shit up and I’m a storyteller. It was like being in our own private hideaway, having deeply meaningful conversation, in the middle of a busy area of Charlotte. Juxtaposition indeed.

Saying yes to this creative partnership is an absolutely brilliant new endeavor and I cannot wait to see where it goes. While at the same time, deeply trusting that I don’t really need to see or acquire a road map. I can simply just keep showing up and engaging in conversation.

It seems that 2019 has finally caught on to what my original intention for this year was: Fun. Because it’s absolutely everywhere I turn lately, and I truly love that.

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