Exceptional Conversation Connections

If there’s been a theme for the past month or so it is most definitely communication. I’m really good at conversation and communication of all kinds.

The reality of that skill is that many people are simply not capable of navigating conversation at the same level that’s so natural for me. Which can lead to a lot of boredom at times on my end.

However, while it’s certainly more the norm for conversations to be at or below the level that I find fascinating and intriguing, that doesn’t mean no one exists who can meet me at that level.

Over the past several years MANY exceptional conversation connections have shown up and it’s always a little stunning when they arrive but also somehow delightful. And they just keep showing up, even as I continue ongoing relationships with those I love to spend time with in conversation.

These are the people I would without any hesitation spend any amount of time with, well beyond my typical hour threshold for meetings and social engagements. Whether it’s in person or messaging there is depth, humor, sincerity and trust woven into the thread.

When these connections arrive it’s usually unexpected yet somehow feels effortless, easy and fun. It just works with a level of synergy, alignment and depth that can be a little unnerving by just how strong it is and how quickly it develops.

This conversation aspect is totally a primary indicator for me when it comes to boundaries, security clearance and how close people will get to me. Without exception, those in my closest circles ALL have this component in common.

I am so grateful to each one of these people for arriving in my life when I was ready to meet them. There was a very long time when I didn’t have such people around me, so I’m also acutely aware of how valuable and special they are.

They’re unequivocally my favorite people on the planet and it is just so fun to know them. The brilliance of conversation and connection is in a way nourishing to my soul at levels I don’t quite have words to explain.

I suffocate in the superficial and strangely enough I am now a girl who randomly talks to strangers while out and about each day. But it’s these exceptional conversation people who are without question those who provide the joy, laughter, inspiration and connection that at times leaves me breathless, but always sparks gratitude for their presence in my life.

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