Magic and Synchronicity

I’m not at all unfamiliar with synchronicity and have often noticed and appreciated it. I do not believe in coincidence.

The synchronicity and magic currently surrounding me is at a level and intensity I have absolutely never before experienced. It is certainly proof to me of the inherent value within decluttering of any kind. It’s also non stop and everywhere I turn lately.

Back at the end of April some things I wasn’t anticipating happened, and the end result of it all was that my calendar was effectively wiped completely clean.

To the degree that it became a blank slate which inherently held an invitation for me to consider how I’d like to fill that space.

In the weeks since this all happened, new: people, connections, experiences, conversations, invitations, messages, anything and everything new have been flooding into my life. And the BEST part of this entire process is the deep awareness that I alone get to decide what I say yes to.

I get to decide who I talk with, who I meet with, who I spend any time in any type of engagement. I also get to allow space for myself. Or for writing or for whatever the hell I feel like doing.

And I cannot even express how amazing all of this feels. Sovereignty of my own life indeed.

My last one on one meeting this week was with someone I’ve actually known peripherally for years. One of my closest friends is one of her close friends. Our mutual friend texted me later that day after hearing a favorite song of mine, because…. that’s how things go for me these days. Magic.

And yet, in all that time we’ve never had a private conversation until now. And it was brilliant, vulnerable and fascinating. It was a level of depth that not everyone is capable of navigating. Oh, and she wrote a book about synchronicity that clearly I need to read.

Being someone who’s known me for a while it was interesting to get her perspective because at one point she said “you feel different, I’ve never seen you this grounded but also aligned”. And that perfectly expresses it. I am trusting myself more than ever before and that alone feels incredible.

All of this magic is also apparently enhancing my creativity. There’s a topic I’ve known I’ll write about because I still catch myself doing it despite knowing it’s totally unproductive, but for 8 months it’s just been swirling around me. The other day listening to someone talk, I got the words I needed to tether and pull it into a framework I can actually use to write about it.

New people keep arriving in such a wide variety of pathways and yet they all bring such clear and beautifully aligned aspects it almost leaves me breathless. From professional meetings to fun and social ones my calendar has gone from empty to very intentionally full of both space with others and space to be by myself.

One of the things that is most surprising to me right now is the fact that I’m ok with NOT knowing what’s unfolding. I’m shockingly good with trusting, allowing and not having expectations. I have standards and boundaries all over the place, and while it is still a process and I certainly have my moments of doubt I’m so much more willing to just focus on what feels best for me.

That awareness alone is stunning. And while all of the things, roles, versions of me that ended just weeks ago did hurt when they left, I have to say my life right now feels so exciting, aligned and brilliantly magical. Those endings truly were an invitation to step into an even more authentic version of myself.

I caught myself googling travel locations the other morning and as I wondered what exactly I was doing, realized: whatever the hell I want to do. That sense of freedom and liberation is just delicious and I totally want more of it.

Copyright©2019 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “Magic and Synchronicity”

The content of this blog is the original content of Diane McDermott, Between the Lines LLC Ghostwriting Services, founded in heartfelt alignment, connection and creative expression






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