Coffee-less Conversations

Anyone who travels or spends time with me overnight knows I’m non-verbal prior to coffee.

So it’s really funny to me how several recent conversations unfolded with coffee-less me an engaged participant.

Weeks (seven of them. long ones.) after the initial surgery to repair my upper jaw, the metal rods holding it in place during initial healing were removed. And before surgery you’re not allowed to drink anything. Not even coffee! Which should be an exception but somehow it isn’t.

So at a ridiculously early hour in the pitch dark, coffee-less me ordered a lyft to get to the hospital. And as soon as I sat down had the most fascinating conversation with the driver. To the point that we shook hands and wished one another well by the end of the ride.

Within minutes I’d shared where I was going and why, we traded parts of our stories and it turns out we’re not only sort of neighbors we’re not far apart in age and had other similarities in common. In the span of 15 minutes we covered lots of conversational ground including humanity, connection, spirituality and dating.

My pre-op nurse was holding my arm, leaned in and said “I read your chart, I know what happened” with that unique look of extending grace that’s become so common lately. And I wanted to sigh with relief that I didn’t have to explain or tell the story.

We had a lovely time together, chatting about our personal lives, professions, family, and passion. It was joyful and genuine. ****Shout out to nurses, I’ve encountered some truly amazing ones these past months**** For a girl who doesn’t lead with physical touch I’ve certainly had many kind, gentle, healing hands on me and I’m so grateful because it has truly made a difference while navigating ridiculously terrifying moments.

So my whole “nonverbal before coffee” thing is clearly a preference rather than a truth. Though I’d have very nearly killed for a cup of coffee during several hours this morning!

I’m often surprised and honestly delighted when I encounter people who show up and engage in meaningful conversation. Coffee may not be a required ingredient just a strong personal preference on my part.

To the lyft driver and my pre-op nurse – I SO enjoyed meeting, talking with and connecting to you. Thanks for being part of inspiring conversation on a morning I had no shortage of anxiety. It was a pleasure to have our paths intersect even briefly.

Copyright©2019 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “Coffee-less Conversations”

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