Unapologetic Sovereignty

The idea of sovereignty for my own life is not new but is one that continues to evolve and expand.

I define unapologetic sovereignty as the commitment to trusting myself to navigate each and every step of this life experience as it feels most right, true and aligned for me. It’s a deep and sincere faith in myself to recognize the next right step AND the unwillingness to pick up the opinions, reactions or beliefs of anyone else.

Certainly it became a primary theme through and beyond my divorce. It seemed there was always an endless supply of opinions as to options and countless suggestions swirling around me. Even when those external “suggestions” were truly coming from a place of love it is ultimately only ever up to me to decide.

Through all of that external noise I began to really lean into trusting myself to know what did (and did not) feel right for me. Imagine that, trusting myself to know what is and is not right for me.

Unapologetic sovereignty of my own life includes trusting myself to navigate my own life experience……as I see fit.

It also innately involves honoring the fact that I am simply unwilling to pick up or carry anyone else’s opinions, expectations, or experience of me. None of those things are mine to hold. There’s a beautifully liberating release in that awareness.

In addition to being liberating there’s a deep sense of peace that comes with both allowing myself AND others to navigate our own life experience. Unapologetically and in alignment with what works for us.

For a long time I did attempt to carry external opinions, expectations and even reactions. To say it was heavy, awkward and decidedly not fun is an understatement.

You know what’s not only badass but really fun?! Trusting myself enough to know and honor what does and does not feel right for me.

Allowing and giving myself rest when I need it, quiet time when I need to recharge, quality time with people I enjoy being around when, where and how I want it.

External opinions, reactions and expectations do not belong upon my shoulders. When I catch myself starting to pick them up, I’m a lot faster at recognizing it and setting them back down.

There’s so much noise all around us it can stifle and drown out the softer voice that whispers rather than shouts, while inviting each one of us to walk this life experience in our own unique way.

The truth is that no one but YOU can walk your path or navigate your life’s journey. Certainly we can cheer one another on, but in each and every moment we are always invited to step into unapologetic sovereignty for our own experience.

I trust those I love to walk their own path and I choose to trust myself to navigate mine. Unapologetic sovereignty doesn’t eliminate connection or relationships, it strengthens them with a trust that goes way beyond words.

Copyright©2019 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “Unapologetic Sovereignty”

The content of this blog is the original content of Diane McDermott, Between the Lines LLC Ghostwriting Services, founded in heartfelt alignment, connection and creative expression

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