Podcast Episode: Magic of Allowing

Anyone who knows me well knows that I suffocate in the superficial and conversations of any quality are going to include depth.

In the past year one of the most fun discoveries has included being a guest on podcast episodes with a variety of hosts. Turns out it’s quite natural for me and every single one has been a genuine reflection of conversations I have with friends all the time.

This most recent episode was all about the concept of Allowing which is indeed powerful and quite a relevant topic. The Disrupt Now Program is all about highlighting game changers and those who are hell bent on disrupting the status quo, living in their authentic truth and unapologetically showing up for this messy, brilliant, brutal and beautiful human experience.

Just slightly aligned with me.

Check out the latest episode of the Disrupt Now Podcast and listen in on our discussion of the profound and powerful topic of allowing: Disrupt Now The Magic of Allowing

Everything that I write, speak and share is always from the perspective of what I wish my younger self had known or realized.

Natalie Viglione is the founder of the Disrupt Now Program, highlighting game changers and disrupters intent on shattering the status quo. She and I connected last year and our conversations are always an immense joy. Hope you enjoy listening in!

Copyright©2019 by Diane McDermott, All Rights Reserved, “Podcast Episode: Magic of Allowing”

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